TRENDCORE Crypto Signals - Crypto Currency Investor Signals Service

Based on the TRENDCORE Trading System for Bigger Picture Opportunities

TRENDCORE Crypto Signals is a trading signals service that provides entries and exits for crypto trading. The type of trading we do with this crypto signal service is based on a trading system we call "TRENDCORE".

As you can see from the name "TRENDCORE", the focus of this signal service is to target bigger moves and bigger trends.  TRENDCORE  Is an exciting signal service and delivers the types of signals that a lot of people get really excited about.

A lot of people don't like trading back and forth too frequently but they like focusing in on big moves and riding those big moves. They like to see their cryptocurrency accounts swell in  profitability. It's fun and exciting, encouraging and confidence-building when you can see your cryptocurrency trading account grow  And do so in a more dramatic style.

It doesn't matter if cryptocurrency markets are going up or down. We have a plan, and exact plan of high probability of large movement.   Now this signal service we only play the buy side or the upside design for cryptocurrency investors. You could also take these cryptocurrency signals and use them on cryptocurrency futures if you wanted to do so.

Take a look at the performance of the TRENDCORE  cryptocurrency trading system below. It has been quite excellent. 

We have the core, main TRENDCORE trading system and we also have a turbo booster  which is added even more profitability as you can see from the results below.

  1. TRENDCORE  Crypto signals services for those who are looking to Target bigger moves of high probability, who want the strategically hone into some of the best and biggest moves and trade those moves only.
  2. TRENDCORE  Is based on a specific trading system with exact entries and exits. We aren't guessing here. We just simply follow our proprietary cryptocurrency trading system.
  3. Trading signals are posted in your members area back office that you get after you sign up. We will email you out when there is a new signal or profit trail stop adjustment in order to lock in profits.
  4. We give you the entry, initial stop-loss point and the prophet taking exit via Trail stops so you will know what to do every step of the way in a trade.
  5. Get started now and  use TRENDCORE crypto signal service to help you start building the size of your cryptocurrency account.

-- Performance Sample: XRP --

Jan 2021: +.31+1.16+.29+.06-.09+.46+.53-.09-.04-.05+.06 = +2.6 Stop November 28

Too small in price for turbo booster.

-- Performance of Bitcoin --

TRENDCORE: 20711+3037+5293+3384+4599-297+17788 = $54,515 Per coin from Jan 1 2021 to Nov 28 2021

TREND CORE TURBO BOOSTER: 11731+2955+79= $14,765 Extra with Turbo Booster

So both signals services together, which are all buy side, upside trades, comes out to $69,280 with both together for Jan 1 2021 to Nov 28 2021

-- Performance of ETH -

TRENDCORE: 395 +116 + 567 + 138 - 262 + 124 + 1235 - 349+ 1242 = +3206 Dec 2020 to Nov 28 2021

TREND CORE TURBO BOOSTER: 1127+480=1607 Extra with Turbo Booster.

So both signals services together, which are all buy side, upside trades, comes out to 3206+1607= +4813 Total with both together.

$77/Mo limited time pricing + Turbo Booster Bonus - Act Now Before Going Back to Regular Pricing of $197/mo

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$77.70 for each 30 days

What Is the Trend Core Crypto Signals Currency Investor Signal Service?

Well, First of All, the Word Trend Is Used in the Name of the Service. So It's Focused on Trading and Cryptocurrency Trends. That Means We're Looking at Trading a Bigger Picture Move Instead of a Short Swing.

We're Looking at Targeting Bigger Move for Bigger Profits. So It's Less Work for More Money in Concept. So Trend Core Is a Trading System. It's a Specific Set of Entries and Exits. We Are Going to Follow Our Trading System for These Signals. We Are Not Making These Signals Up Out of Thin Air. We Are Not Basing These Signals Based on Rumors or How We Feel Like for the Day, or Emotional Ideas That Pop Into the Head at the Last Second. Know that We Are Trading a System for an Exact Consistent Approach to the Cryptocurrency Markets.

So What You Have Here Is a Service That Keeps You on Track With the Trend Core Plan. In Order to Succeed in Trading, You Need a Plan. You Need a Goal and It Would Be a Good Idea for You to Set an Overall Trading Goal Today and I Would Make It as Exciting as Possible. And You Need to Have a Method of Operation to Obtain that Goal which in Trading, Would Best be a Trading System as the Method of Consistent Operation to Obtain that Trading Goal.

So Trading Is Like a Business, a Professional Business. A Professional Business Has an Operations Manual for Its Employees. The Employees Now Need to Know Exactly What to Do and When to Do It. There Can Be No Guessing if You Have Businesses Across the Country. Then Your Business Operations Manual Needs to Give the Rules, the Laws the Instructions of What to Do All the Time. Franchises Such as Franchise Restaurants Are a Good Example of This Type of Business Operations Model Concept.

In Terms of a Trading System, We Have a Exact Method of Entry and Exit That Allows Us or Any One of Our Signal Callers to Consistently Put Out the Same Type of Signal That Coordinates With This Trend Core Trading System and It Gives You a Steady Professional Organized, Systematic Business Framework in Which to Trade the Markets and to Do So Over Time.

It's Very Easy to Get Distracted in Trading and Not Stick to a Plan. Most People Don't Even Have a Plan and Most People Don't Do Well in the Markets. Those Who Have a Plan Have a Far Greater Chance of Success. And Those Who Have a Good Trading System Have an Extremely High Chance of Long Term Success That Can Be Compounded Upon Itself.

So With a Good Trading System, You Have a Consistent Approach So You Can Consistently Compound Those Profits. And by Compounding Properly on a Good Trading System That Has Consistent Returns Year Over a Year You Can Make Ridiculous Fortunes.  But Who Sticks to the Game Plan Long Enough and Consistent Enough to Compound Their Trading Account?  Well, Maybe You Could Be One of These New Breeds of Traders That Have This Consistent Approach and We Hope Our Students Start to Pick Up on This Mentality.

The Trend Core Cryptocurrency Investor Signal Services Focuses on Bigger Moves, Big Trends, Drama Trends - That's What We're Going for with Trend Core.  So It's Kind of Like an Investing Signal, an Investing Trading Signal. So It's More Long Term Is What That Means.

Essentially and Simply Speaking Now, That Doesn't Mean Every Time You Enter a Trade, It's Going to Be in There for a Long Time. We Are Following the Price Action of the Market if the Markets Change and It Triggers Our Exit Then We're Out and That's a Good Thing Because We're Not Going to Stick to Something That's Not Going to Win if Something if a Trade Doesn't Coordinate With Our System and Our Method of Trail Stops, to Lock in Profits.  We Just Exit if a Stop Out Point is Reached and Another Trade Will Be on the Way...

Trend Core Trades Are Fairly Frequent for a Trend Trading System. So Have the Perspective of How Frequent Signals Come:  You're Looking at About Seven to 10 Trades a Year but as You Can See From the Performance Sample Below These Trades Can Be Extremely Profitable. And for the Little Amount of Work, That It Takes to Trade Trend Core. Your Involvement With Our Trend Core Trading Signal Service Could Become an Extremely Valuable One and a Huge Return on Your Time Involved.

Additionally, the Membership Fee, at Least at the Point of This Recording Is Very Moderate. So Take Advantage of Such an Easy Start and Get These Very Smart Signals Delivered to You. Click More info Below if Not on the Trend Core Presentation Page or Click the Add to Cart Button if You Are on the Presentation Page to Get Started Receiving Your Trend Core Wealth Building Signals.

So Let's Talk About the Signals Concept. A Signal Means That We Are Going to Alert You So You Don't Have to Pay Attention in That Regard. We're Going to Tell You When to Get in and We're Going to Tell You When the Exit Is. I Should Rephrase:  We're Going to Tell You When the Entry Is. We're Going to Tell You the Initial Stop Loss. And Then We're Going to Tell You the Profit Trailing Exit.

 We Can't Tell You to Do This and That. But We Can Tell You the Entries and Exits of Our Trend Core Trading System and I Only Say That for Clarity Ultimately You Have to Choose to Trade the Signal or Not. If You Want Our Trend Core System’s Consistent Approach, Then the Approach Would Be to Trade All the Signals and not Skip, or Pick and Choose Because a System is Designed to Have All of It's Trading Rules Performed.

Often With Amateurs, Those Who Don't Have Proven Experience in the Markets Who Haven't Worked Out All of Their Inner Game Psychological Factors, They Will Tend to Be Afraid of the Winning Trades and They Will Be More Attracted to the Losing Trades Because the Losing or Mediocre Trades Have a More Safe and Comfortable Feel to them and the Winning Trades Usually Emotionally Feel More Scary. And if You Think About It, That's Logical Because a Trade That Is Highly Emotionally Charged to the Marketplace Will Tend to Have an Overreaction Which Can Be Quite Profitable. And a Low Emotionally Charged Price Action Scenario Will Tend to Not Have the Emotional Energy to Propel It Very Far.

So What You Want to Do is Get in the Trade Before the Market Place Has their Drama Move to Profit Nicely.  And the Way You Do that Is to Trade a Big Move, Trend Type of System Like Trend Core.

So Sign Up for Trend Core and Get a Great Wealth Building Style of Trading Signal Plan and Service. We'll Just Email You When it's Time for a New Trading Signal or Trading Signal Adjustment. You Can Always Get the Signals by Logging Into Your Members Area.

If You Have Any Questions, Let Us Know. Click the Add to Cart Button to Get Started to Get Rolling With the Trend Core Trading Signal Service. This Could Be One of the Great Things You Do in Life and Something Very Enjoyable and Exciting to Do. As Well, Click the Add to Cart Button Below to Get Started:

$77.70 for each 30 days


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