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Why Crypto Signals?

Play the video below for explanation:

What's a crypto signal? A crypto signal is a crypto trading signal which means that it is a message sent to you telling you where to get in and get out exactly on the cryptocurrency. With a crypto signal you don't have to worry about it when to get in or get out or try to figure it out. Trying to figure out the markets can be a time-consuming and time-wasting thing. So therefore we have found that systems trading is far superior over the short, mid and long-term.

Our crypto signals are based on trading systems, long-term proven and tested systems. They are simple to trade. We have been in the markets over 35 years and have been making trading systems for over 20 years. Our trading systems are extraordinary really powerful and solid. Now you have the opportunity to partake in a couple of our trading systems where are we perform the trading system for you to give you the entry and exit as a service.

By using trading signals this can help you keep more focused. Even when someone buys a trading system they could start getting all sorts of different ideas and could also get distracted more easily versus a trading signal service that just tells you when it's time to get in in time to get out. Also we take the worry out about decision making, to an extent, off of you, because we are telling you the entry and the exit.


You don't have to interpret the market as per the trading system. You don't have to start wondering and doubting if something is right and wrong or if there's something better.

Because with trading signals you just get the signal and that helps keep you focused. Of course you still have to trade your own account put it on the trade. Simple focus with trading systems is huge and we speak from our own experience and that of our many trading students overtime.

Trading a system usually brings far superior results versus trying to guess the market. Trying to figure out and guess the markets takes a lot of time and energy that is just not necessary. Fortunes can be made by simply trading in a few minutes a day meaning that you login , you see if you have a trade and if you're in a trade, you adjust your profit-taking trail stop loss to lock in profits. Other than using an initial stop loss, that's it.

Systems trading is a far superior way to trade overtime to bring much more consistent results. This also implies your system is built in a solid way to endure the test of time because it's based on various price action laws which are related to universal laws and universal math which gives us repeatable tendencies we can exploit for profit. Because we trade these repeated probabilities over time, we then have the ability to turn trading into a business, in fact, one of the greatest businesses in the world!

And with our signal services, we can provide you the exact "operational data" for running your own trading business, starting today! All you need to do is dive in, sign up and get started! If for any reason you need to cancel or put your trading signals membership on pause, you can do so personally in your members area which is directly linked into which handles your credit/checking card. So you are in control. And your billing info is safe with We did this to remove worries of being able to stop a recurring payment whenever you want, which many people worry about with memberships.

Systems Trading, good systems trading is like running a business, more so a retail business, a business that sells products. In product selling businesses, you're not trying to make $1000000 on every sale. What you're trying to do is just simply do the deals, make a good volume of sales with a good profit margin which is built into the sales price.

Systems trading is similar, where are we look to buy low and sell high or sell short high and buy back low in order to make the difference as our profit margin. Some trades win big, some trades win moderately, some trades win very little and some trades lose. When you put all of those types of trades together a good system nets you out a profit, a repeatable profit, that can be grown steadily over time.

The markets go up and down. They always go up and down. Sometimes you have extraordinary scenarios, as you have seen with cryptocurrencies where they go up huge while starting at very low prices. . But those extraordinary moves don't happen that often. And it may take years before the next extraordinary move happens if it even happens. Those who made the kajillion dollars and cryptos did so because they got in on the " ground floor" as a "ground floor opportunity" as the expression goes.

There are always ground-floor opportunities out there and currently there are actually several at the point of this typing in cryptos that we will tell you about once you become a member. And I'm talking about extraordinary opportunities that don't come around very often. Yet there are extraordinary opportunities in stocks, for example, getting in at super low prices on an IPO. Or, riding power trends, medium term trends or large trends on stocks with options, up or down; and that happens all the time!

Although we'll cover some aspects of investing in crypto currencies, our focus is mainly trading cryptos, swing trading cryptos and power trend trading cryptos, mostly, but also longer term trend trading cryptos. Trading means you get in and out over shorter time periods in order to capture profit on a more consistent basis and to capture more profit overall versus buy-and-hold investing.

Consistent profiting is something you can much better have with systems trading. Buy-and-hold investing does not have much consistency for profiting at all and you don't even really profit on an increase in your position until you sell it. And some people have made great gains in an investment but didn't sell it in time so they didn't capture those gains; that's sad and it happens often. With systems trading you don't need to worry about that. In trading you will be continually capturing gains . You'll be capturing gains that stack up and stack up. Eventually as your account size grows you'll be able to compound those gains which then start to make you mind blowing returns, far greater than most Investments usually.

When trading the markets, you get to get your money back fairly quickly. You generate spendable cash flow that you can use whenever you need and want. Your money isn't locked in an investment. Sometimes Investments do really well over time yet that money is locked up and you probably never want to sell it and you never get to fully enjoy it although you may want to pass that investment down as inheritance. Then again there are lots and lots of mediocre to very bad Investments that not only tie up your money but lose your money and those are no fun. Instead if you can trade A system that has a steady rate of net profiting overtime then that would be superior to investing.

With a trading system it will be tuned into certain aspects to exploit and the price action of the asset you are trading. This means that there will be certain cycles where your system profits more than others. But the key is, like in running a business, is that you just keep on going through the cycles. You don't even think about the cycles you just think about making sure you place your next trade according to your system. And that's it. It's really simple and it saves a ton of time and effort for potentially mind-blowing returns over time.

What can you expect with our crypto signals trading service?

These are all buy-side signals meaning that we only play the upside due to the current nature of cryptocurrency. Maybe in the future will expand as there are other assets that mimic cryptocurrency movement in order to play the downside. But right now, people need a plan on exactly when to get in and out that is solid, and in a hurry In order to take advantage of the dramatic market moves that are to come.

You can invest and you can trade. Those are two different things. Investing means you are investing in a purpose, in a story, with an overall time frame attached to the picture of the reason why you are investing. So yes, good investing has a clear purpose and a timeline associated with it. Trading, depending on the type of trading you are doing, has a very clear and usually much shorter time frame associated with the entry into asset and the exit. Here with Crypto Signals 777, unless otherwise noted, we are doing swing trading, super swing trading and power trend trading.

Swing trading usually lasts a few days. Super swing trading is usually a combination of a couple swings, and it lasts usually 2 to 3 swings, which is also similar to power trend trading which is usually between two weeks in 4 weeks, sometimes six weeks. That said, if a move is extra strong then our system will stick with it until the movie is done.

Performance results: you can see performance on each respective trading signals service presentation page. You can get a picture and feel of how the system does over time.

Signals will be posted in your membership back office. An email will be sent out when there is a new entry or a new exit.

So basically we are spoon-feeding you our system so you don't even have to pay attention to the markets to even trade the system. We will just email you the alert so you can access the entry and exit according to the system, senior members back office.

Consistent execution of the system over time, as you can see from the results could be extraordinarily valuable to you into the future, Especially as you compounded over time. But I also want to be clear that with a system, success comes with just doing all the trades and not picking and choosing.

A lot of people, when they get a signal service, look to pick and choose which trades they like based on a variety of factors which usually don't do so well. They usually end up picking the most mediocre of the opportunities and usually missed the big move. That's how the market works though. And that's how the market works on you as an individual .This is what we have learned over time and our students have learned this lesson as well. But not to worry over time you will get better and better at being able to trade a system.

In our trading signals our entry trigger is usually so as soon as that price is broken to the upside we want to enter our position. to buy over a certain price. Usually this happens the next day. Sometimes it happens two or three days later. Depending on your broker, your crypto exchange, you can use a buy stop order to trigger your entry automatically. Or you can use a price alert that maybe send you an alert to your cell phone when your asset but achieves a certain price.

Why Use Our Crypto Signals?

We're providing you access to solid systems that we I have developed over time that provide a solid approach to treating cryptocurrencies.

We've been in the markets protein 40 years and have been developing systems over 20 years. We have many successful students who achieve most of our success by simply following our systems as they tell us.

These are just a couple of our more basic systems we are running here for trading signals and we met include some of our more advanced systems down the road as cryptocurrency trading matures in terms of trading platform ability. Additionally we will look to expand into other crypto related assets as they come about that offer more trading flexibility, for example, so we can trade the downside as well as the upside whereas these signals, at least to this point, are focused on the upside.

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